International Patients


International patients

At Tandis, we have a department, staffed with trained professionals, dedicated exclusively to our international patients and their well-being. We are motivated and equipped to provide international-standard medical care to our overseas visitors. We understand the special needs of our international patients. We believe your road to wellness starts with your first call to Tandis and continues through your stay with us as you gain your health back under the care and hospitality of our team. We continue to advise you post-discharge and monitor your recovery as you complete your journey back to health in the comfort of your home.

Besides the world-standard healthcare available to all of our patients, the International Patients Department (IPD) offers English and Arabic speaking translators, English-speaking nurses,  medical records and billing information in English, safe transportation within the city and to and from the airport, and hotel booking and coordination with the hotel staff for pre-admission and post-discharge stay - as the case may be.

The fllowing graphic illustrates the step-by-step process followed for international patients from their admission to discharge.



The most important activities of the Department of International Patients:

Consultation with the physician of the International Patient Department.
Announcing the latest medical and therapeutic technologies to the patient.
Possibility to communicate and receive a file before going to bed.
Private / VIP rooms
Access to the translator
High Speed Internet Access
Order out the menu
Safe transportation within the city and airport
Access to a reliable exchange
Coordinate with the hotel with easy access to the hospital
Presenting medical records summary and billing in English at the time of discharge
The presence of nurses and fluent English staff
Possibility to communicate with the doctor after discharge and monitoring the recovery.



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