Patient's Admissions and Discharge

Patient's Admissions and Discharge


Admission and discharge:


The following documents are required for admission of a patient:

1. A physician’s order of admission in the name of the patient.

2. Patient identification documents (birth certificate or national card and passport for foreign nationals).

3. In a child birth statement, certificates of the parents are required.

4. In surgical cases that have not reached the legal age, the presence of the patient's legal father or guardian is required to complete the consent form. In the absence of parents and in cases of emergency, the decision to carry out a surgery is taken by the surgical department of the hospital and the physician in charge of surgery.

5. The insurance cover letter, in case the patient is covered by insurance.

A few valuable tips for admission: 

1. Paying attention to these points helps us serve you better.

2. Please ensure that while completing the admission form, the patient’s name and other vital details such as date of birth match the information provided on government issued ID of the patient.

3. An identification bracelet is issued and attached to the patient at the time of admission. The same should not be removed without permission of the hospital until discharge of the patient at which point its removal and disposal is carried out by the nurse in charge.

6. A patient may have a companion with him/her while in-care at Tandis unless prohibited by the doctor. A card for a companion may be obtained from the hospital at the time of admission.

7. In compliance with the adaptation plan, the hospital cannot permit a male companion in the women’s sector. In the two-ply and three-panel rooms, only same-gender placement is permitted.

8. Wi-Fi internet access is granted after completion of formalities for the same.

9. As part of the quality-healthcare offer, you will be provided with essential personal belongings. You may only wear your glasses, lenses, hearing aids and carry books/magazines. Please avoid keeping expensive items, jewelry, and large quantities of cash.

10. Please inform the doctor, nurse, or nutritionist about any food or other allergies that you may have. The diet will obviously be judged by the doctor.


Meal Times:

Breakfast: 07:00

Lunch: 12:30 to 13:30

Dinner: 18:00 to 18:30

You can visit the hospitality department for hot and cold water throughout the day.

Meeting times:

 Daily from 14:00 to 16:00

Special sections include CCU, ICU, and NICU: Every day from 15:00 to 16:00.

It is also available on the Web for providing comfort to the patients and relatives' video visualization

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the hospital.

All in-patient information is provided by the physician and nurses to the patient and those accompanying the patient.

The physician and the nurse also provide self-care education at the time of discharge.




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